Friday, February 22, 2013

An early riser

February will come to its end in just few more days. I have not written so much post this year. I always want to write. I even have some drafts but my fingers do not allow me to do so. Hehe. But well, assalamualaikum everyone!

Back to the topic, of being an early riser. This is one of the most hard thing to do for me. I am a morning person. But not an early riser. For me, an early riser means that you have to wake up very early like 30 minutes before the fajr prayer. And you don't go back to sleep after that, which is the most tempting thing to do after the prayer.

My parents will always say this to me, keep repeating the same exact phrase again and again endlessly when I make any complain/whine to them of not being able to do this/that, excellent in my academics eventhough I have tried my very best. "Unless you wake up at 5 not 5.30 nor 6, you will be doing great in everything you do. Not just great but being on top." This advice somehow is kinda being a du'a for me. We have heard this kind of saying that goes "If you say the same thing over 40 times, it will be a du'a." especially when it comes from your parents' mouth.

Well, of course at first I'd take their advice lightly not even doing it. Things after things had happened to me lately be it in positive or negative way, I start to relate everything and all of them come to meet at one point. Yes, not waking up that early in the morning. I love experimenting with myself. See the upcoming result of each experiment. What if I do that today, not doing that tomorrow? Things like that. From there, I will evaluate what kind of habit/activity/ritual that will suit me most. Ah-ha. Of course I will do the same thing for this matter. Miraculously, it totally gives a different vibe when you kick off your day! It is hard at first. So so hard . I would have a fight with myself asking;

"Why do I have to wake up early?"
" 5.30? 6.00? It's still early. My class is at 8.30. I can wake up at 6.45."
"I sleep late last night. Today is an exception."

These are some common battle and a lot more reasons to come. Yeah, we definitely come with a lot of reasons when we are forced to do something or just to start a brand new positive habit. The negative one will entail you everywhere almost all the time. The only key to fight back is your self determination and discipline, not to forget a good mind setting.

Believe me, you will find a lot of good things happened to you that day. Even some unfortunate occurrences that may come across, you will take it positively. Even in Islam, we are encouraged to wake up early in the morning because during the dawn, the door of rizq will be widely opened and it is also one of the time that your du'a might be granted by Allah. And don't we feel it's just a waste if we just let it go without having a try to grab the rizq that He gives us?

Oh one way to wake up early? Ask your parents to give you a wake-up call. And I do that! They would gladly do that. :D Set your intention of having an early wake up the next morning before you go to sleep. Insya-Allah, you will have an early one.

Another tips: 

Let's try our best to be an early riser. Me? Still struggling to make it a habit. :))

Let's watch this video. Dr. Jeffrey Lang is a Mathematics professor. He is a Muslim after being an atheist. Listen to what he say about being an early riser.

 “It is as if you temporarily leave this world and communicate with the angels in singing God’s praises before dawn.” said Dr. Jeffrey as he finds that the Fajr (pre-dawn) prayer as one of the most beautiful and moving rituals in Islam.

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