Sunday, January 27, 2013


I am very much affected by this hadith when Syaima posted it at Instagram.

Shall I tell you about those whom the hellfire is forbidden to touch
It is forbidden to touch every approachableeasy-goingsoft-spoken and gentle person.

Just in time. Those 4 characteristics are not really my personality when I deal with people out of my circle even if we know each other. What I mean by my circle is people who are very close to me - my girls and family. Out of that, I am more reserved and cold, simply said introvert. A total personality revamp need to be done. Not for the sake of others, but to seek the redha from Allah. Mak always said that if our ibadah nawafil (sunat) are not that good, we should seek for other option to get a higher reward and be loved more by Allah. But how? And yes, by applying those 4 characteristics. 

Always and always ask ourselves, what is our goal in the hereafter life? Hell or heaven? Now, we cannot do anything without putting any thought about being blessed by Allah. Think why we are doing this/that? What is the purpose? Does it bring any benefit to us? Insya-Allah, when you start thinking that way in every single action, word and even your thought, you will feel much more serene and confident in all things you do.

Don't ever wait for we don't know if we still have the chance to do it. And I, I can't wait anymore because living my life for almost 21 years with such a cold, hard-to-approach, rough, and stubborn personality somehow made me realize that if I hold to this longer, it slowly kills me. Better late than never.

Jom masuk syurga sama-sama. Jadi muslimah yang sejati.

P/S: This is a reminder for myself too

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