Monday, January 28, 2013


I just discover that bapak is super duper funneyh. Bila dah masuk umur 21 baru lah sedar about the hidden fact. It's not that he doesn't show it, but our relationship is like yo-yo. Having up and down too much. Even I don't have the interest to know this side of him. Haha. It used to be that mak had to stop me from talking to him for we might end up 'fighting' with each other. We just couldn't open our mouth. So mak would be the mediator. And this last 3 years, we slowly made our relationship better. Alhamdulillah for that. Now, I too can easily manja-manja with him getting stuff that I want, talk every single thing with him including love life which I would never say a word about it to him before, and tolerate in petty thing that could be a big issue long time ago. We strongly support each other. Now I can consider myself as mommy and daddy's girl. Hehe. I love you so much bapak more than any man that I meet including your future son-in-law. Kihkihkih .You're always number one for me

Oh here is a conversation I had with him when he's discussing about his friend's daughter marriage.

Bapak: Kalau nak kahwin, make sure ada RM 20K. 
Me: Alaaa. Mana sempat kalau camtu. Kak qin grad Jan 2015 (amiinnnn). Nak kahwin bulan 6/7 in the same year. Haaa, mana tahu tiba-tiba tahun depan qin kata qin nak kahwin. Macam mana? Tak boleh kahwin la macam tu.
Bapak: Kalau gitu, cari lah senior/lecturer muda-muda. Takpun kahwin la dengan ****.
Me: Eh-eh bapak ni si **** ni tak tahu ke kisah apa-apa pun. Pandai-pandai je dia.

**** is mak's favourite student.
23 years and still strong.

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Mufidah said...

I know who is *****.haha