Wednesday, June 20, 2012

result semester 2

Rasanyalah kan, selagi title pelajar tu still ada dalam diri kita, perkataan result pun sinonim dah sekali. So basically, I just received my semester 2 examination result just now. Ni kira hot from the oven. As expected I get what I have worked for. Dah banyak main je sem ni, so result pun sama la jugak, macam yo-yo. Seriously, for this sem, I am so worried that I might repeat certain subjects due to my carry marks and performances during the final examination. It freaked me out for the whole holiday. Nightmare. 

When I told bapak about my result, which is a rare thing for me to do when it comes to my studies, since usually I'll tell mak first, I don't expect any respond. But he said something that struck me off, "Awak ni, buat Math tak score, ni buat English tak score jugak, haih, macam mana ni." He seldomly responds to me if I tell about my studies to him. But this time, haih, I turned him down. Oh, I know he's dissapointed with me since my parents know I can do better than this. I think Allah has given this result as a sign for me to reflect back all my action for the past 6 months. I should seriously reflect back what I've done. But I have promised him that I will get 4 FLAT for him for the upcoming short semester. I want him to be proud of me like he used to do and prove to him that I can get the first class degree. 

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