Sunday, June 17, 2012

isra' & mi'raj

Last Friday I watched Al-Hidayah where on that episode, the went to Palestine for Isra' Mi'raj edition. and I come to know one interesting fact about the Dome of the Rock or Masjid Qubbat As-Sakhrah. The mosque was built during the time of Khalifah Malik bin Marwan using zakat collection. After the completion of the mosque, there were remaining of the collection after being used to build the mosque, and Khalifah Malik decided to give the architects as the reward for them. And the reward was in a form of gold bars. They then decided not to take them but instead they melted the gold bars to coat the dome. That is why you see the dome looks very shiny since it was coated with pure gold. Masya-ALLAH, I think, if this happens at this era, it's a miracle because people nowadays are chasing for wealth not to be spent for the akhirah but for dunya. I myself still part of the group. But the previous Muslim generation give back what they get for the sake of ALLAH.

After hearing the story, I asked my self, can I do like them - not receiving any upah after some hard work that I have done? Am I sincere enough while doing the work? And our leaders should listen to this story so that they will realise where the money that they collected should go. It's a shame you know when we claim our country as a Muslim country but we have unsolved and conflicted zakat issue.

We have so many interesting stories during the event of Isra' and Mi'raj and hopefully we can learn something from the stories.

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