Sunday, June 24, 2012

dr. morsi wins!

Barakallahhufika Dr. Morsi! :)

Alhamdulillah. Praise be to ALLAH. Finally Dr. Morsi has been announced as the winner for Egypt Presidency Election. Eventhough I am not an Egyptian, but as a Muslim I am happy for them. Agaknya inilah perasaan para tentera Islam ketika memenangi perang. Allahuakbar. The feeling is great! ALLAH never breaks His promise when He says He will always be with haq. After much circumstances being faced during the election and  few times of result delay, finally they get what they suppose to get after more than 30 years suffering under the dictatorship leader. And do you know why as-Syahid Imam Hassan Al-Banna formed Ikhwanul Muslimin? He wanted the khalifah system to regain its power back! If you learn political science, you will be exposed to the different types of power system and all of them has its pros and cons. But the khalifah system since it was set up by Allah as He says we are the Khalifah of the Earth and implemented by Rasulullah, no doubt the system is the best of all. No contradiction but always in coherent with the Quran and Sunnah. As we can see in today's world, many can claim their own country as a Muslim country, but are they followed the guidelines as in the divine revelation and hadith? Dr Morsi's winning can be seen as a turning point for other Muslim countries and people to wake up and stand for what is right. Our brothers and sisters in Syria and Palestine are now fighting to get the justice. Justice cannot be seen as what is right or wrong but have you put the thing in their RIGHT place. Keep praying and never stop it as that is only little help we can do to see they can freed themselves from the super cruel leadership. And Malaysia too, please and please stop all these super annoying and ridiculous politic drama that never once benefited to the people. Lagi menyimpang adalah. Luckily, I can see we slowly has started to produce more young Islamic scholars to attract the Malaysian Muslim to get to know their root of faith back. It's all started with faith - basic fundamental. Insya-ALLAH, once we equipped ourselves with it, the time will come. 

One thing that always come to my amazement is when a country leader is a hafiz, not only him but also his whole family. And, Subhanallah, Dr. Morsi is one of them apart from Ismail Haniya, current Palestine Prime Minister. 

Millions of people doing sujud syukur at Tahrir Square as a celebration for the victory :') Let's do one! [CREDIT]

I don't know why but I just feel that this time I have to start practicing back my habit - being 'busy body' about others. Tak nak nanti dalam kubur, malaikat tanya, adakah anda mengambil tahu tentang perihal saudara/i semuslim anda, tapi nanti aku tak boleh jawab. Nauzubillah. It is a part of our responsibility to know about our Muslim brothers and sisters around the world and help them if needed eventhough all you can do is just pray. May one day we can see and live in Malaysia with our own and true khalifah like the time of the Prophet and Khulafa' Ar-Rasyidin and bring back the glory of the Muslim empire!

Let's love each other people!

"Tidak sempurna iman seseorang sehingga ia mencintai saudaranya sebagaimana ia mencintai dirinya sendiri."

(HR. Bukhari-Muslim) 

****P/S: Kalau ada salah fakta atau apa, PLEASE correct me. :)

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