Sunday, April 29, 2012

when i'm stress, i bake :)

This is what happened when I decided to stay off from the books and other study related stuff. I bake. I used to sleep when I don't want to study. But that habit seems to run away from me. Now, it's either I cook, bake or watch movies. So today, I managed to bake pizza for the first time and all time family favourite cotton cheese cake.

Don't ask me the recipe because for pizza I just used the pizza mix flour for the dough, just add in yeast and water, and for the topping, I am not that rajin to make my own sauce, so instead I use spaghetti sauce. So, I bake chicken and seafood pizza today with overloaded mozzarella cheese. Nyum. Basically the dough can make 4 pan of pizza but I made 3 pan of pizza. It turned out very well. 

And for cotton cheese cake, you can just google the recipe since I too, used the recipe from the internet. And I usually mix and match the recipe and ikut kepala sendiri je. Janji you can eat until you're full :)




myroo said...
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myroo said...

I'm on diet actually but suddenly feel like going to pizza hut later on :D


just go for it. put the diet aside. selagi boleh makan, makan. ehehhehe :)))