Sunday, May 13, 2012

everyman play

Like finally, this play had ended. Pheww. This was the thing that stressed me out for about two weeks. I couldn't do my things right since my mind was focused only for this play. Yelah, I am not a talented actor. Never thought that one day I have to act eventhough I should always have that in mind since I am an English major student where we deal with literary works that need to be staged like almost every semester? Ini pun sebab lecturer wajibkan that every single person need to act because there'll be an individual mark for acting. By hook or by crook, have to jugak la kan. To be truth, I don't like acting or anything that need me to go on stage and memorizing lines or speeches. I just hate it. And this time, I have to act as one of the main cast. Lagila super duper triple nervous. 

But luckily, I have such an awesome team mates. Helping me a lot with this acting stuff and all. 

Basically, our play is adapted from Everyman, a Medieval era play. And we adapt the story line into a chess game whereby I am an angel and resemble a white king in the game. Honestly, eventhough the play is a compulsory reading in the syllabus, I never read it because it's too long and the language used, blergh, reading half of the page is enough to make me dozed to sleep. And I also don't know how to play chess. -.- Semua benda pun aku tak buat research and tak tahu apa2 dalam play ni. I just received the script and act. Wah, very the diva. 

They are my cooliao group mates; (L-R)
Me-angel(white king), Ain-knowledge(bishop), Fatin-good deeds(pawn), Hanis-beauty(knight), Shafiq-Everyman(black king), Aish-wealth(castle)

This was during our full dress rehearsal. That kaftan had cost me almost RM 200. Since I couldn't find white dress that really fit with my body. If mak tak sakit, I would just go buy kain and buat je dress tu. Nasib baik worth the money

The day. Here we are - THE VIRTUES. 

The 1st play - an adaptation from Medea.

The 2nd play - Romeo and Juliet

Ours was on 5th out of 6 play to be performed. 

The last play on that night. Seriously, Zurhanis' acting is awesome.

5 of us. Ain MIA.

Alhamdulillah, after so much conflict that we had gone through right in the minute before we were performing, the play went well and received such a positive remarks from the audiences and lecturer. 

Oh, mind the lighting in the video and pictures that made them look blurry. The lighting in experimental hall is terrible.

Here I present to you our awesome play. Enjoy!

***Pictures and videos courtesy of Fatin, Sakinah and Mufidah. :D

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