Thursday, September 30, 2010


exam is over

i have listed so many things-to-do. so watch out, i'll be very busy along 3 weeks of holiday. ajak my bapak pegi ronggeng dengan saya.

ouh, i see this quote somewhere
we know that we really love someone when the break up is very hurt that you can't relieve the pain
is that true? different people different thought.

and another quote;
even that the girl is beautiful, someone will be bored with her
this one, i totally and utterly agreed. not everyone being given with a pretty face, and not every pretty face has pretty soul. like my mom always said to me, 
biarpun kita tak cantik, kita takde kelebihan fizikal, janji kita tampung kekurangan kita dengan cara yang lain, apa yang perlu kita buat, jadi perempuan yang sempurna dalamnya, lengkap imannya, dihormati kemuliannya
and i hold to that

1 comment:

zara said...

u're beautiful my dear.
its just, sometimes, there are ctain pple who are unable to SEE it (: