Sunday, September 26, 2010

being 18

whoa, it's been 18 years since my mom gave birth to me.
banyak dah perkara yang dah dilalui.
everything that happened in my life had taught me to be a very thoughtful person

thank you ALLAH
for still make me alive today
for creating me perfectly
for putting me in the best family ever
for having me the lovely best friends ever
for giving many test that taught me the meaning of life

eventhough i'm not beautiful
eventhough i'm not smart
eventhough i'm not rich
eventhough i'm not that slim

it's ok
a peaceful heart is enough for me as the most meaningful present ever through out the life
my du'a,
may ALLAH bless me and my brother (he has the same birthday date). may ALLAH give the best for me and perkenankan my du'a.
semoga dapat jodoh yang diimpikan. ahahha. amin :)

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