Wednesday, February 18, 2009

a year

it has been a year i left my home to start a new life at an "isolated" place
mcm bru smalam je dpt surat tawaran gi mrsm
terloncat2 and terjerit2 cm bengong smpi nk runtuh rumah
tengok2 dh stahun dh duduk sini
like is it the real me yg survive without my family
but this is the fact
throughout the year
macam2 jadi
sad, happy and most of the incident/activity made me more matured
and realize that there is another big challenge that waiting for me out there
being a BWP, the C class member, be a person with bad attitude
but sume tu made me grow up
that's all from me
i've no mood to write more because i'm too stressed about my current student life and with the rigid rule.grrrr.. :(

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