Sunday, February 15, 2009


everything had been wrapped up altogether in a bundle of memory for the activity week of SEM 1. but my job is not over yet, still my breathe is running out of oxygen. i need huge space.
but tonight
is the most amazing night along the activity week.
our work to make the band performance was heavily succeed.
a big applause to the J.A.R.I band
KAMAL the drummer, BAI and ZABIR the guitarist, FATHI the basis and FAHMI the vocalist.
so guys,
congratz once again.
all of us are waiting for your next performance
the E-NIGHT.
yeah, another work to settle down :)
so to my dearest friends of BWP and rock form 5 batch,
thanks a lot for the cooperation.
next story,
the kkbians explorace
for the new form 1 and form 4 students
partner with anwar
got form 1 eventhough all of them are hyper
very super-duper penat giler.
end for today.
welcome tomorrow.
i'll be waiting for you happily and
shining my day brightly.

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