Friday, February 20, 2009

home sweet home

i'm back.
curi2 "fly"
no lah
tomorrow have "dating" with my dentist
can't wait for tomorrow.
smalam, mak Qutbi kembali ke rahmatullah
mmg tkjut gile.
sume bdk f5 x de mood smalam
what we can do is just recitr our prayer so that her mother have peace journey.
all of us will always supporting you. don't give up.
kitorg mmg sentiase sokong kau and ayng kau.
be strong ek friend.
pagi tadi,
my mom bru je kne admitted to hospital
dengue fever (suspected)
so, dh blik umah
bibik terhormat malaysia la
masak and all kinda things.
bru je nk ajk gi shopping
but never mind
nnti kite pegi lain kali ye mak
mak jaga diri
sayang mak.

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