Friday, January 2, 2009

rumours come true

i just read mrsm kkb's blog a few seconds ago, and i found something that made me scream.
wth??? ckgu azmi pindah. ya allah, jdi jugak cgu azmi pindah. gosh, sedey owh. dye mmg best giler. eventhough he never teach me formally in class but i know he's good teacher. excellent teacher. wlupun org nmapak dye garang, but, dye baik hati and funny sangat. i remember when we had our batch meeting, he will be teasing me about my ambition to become dentist. but, i know he just joking. walaupun dye marah2 , it's all for our sake kn. so after this, no more cos add math kt ds. and i will remember this one cos where we, all the form 4 girls students had only 15 minutes to prepare ourselves and then went to ds and all the girls sume tgh mamai bru bangun tido and for the first time, aku pgi cos x mandi. sweet memory la. and i like his punishment. unique and klakar. klu org len x brani gelak berdekah2 aku tibai gelak je. memang lawak sunggoh. after this, i'm wonndering who is our next penyelaras..... so, ckgu azmi, i'll always remember and pray for you. jgn lupe doakan sye ek ckgu. :)
and second one, i jalan2 to fiqah's blog and knew that ckgu nizar will be moving soon too. alamak... ape yg ade kt kkb nih. nothing dowh. ckgu best2 sume dah bla. haru sunggoh. dye ajar aku bm spnjang form 4 nih. and i admit that he's one of the best bm teacher's. so, lpas pasukan bahas maktab, will lost our secret recipe of debating.. huaa... sedey nyer. minggu bhase lpas ni dh x de dye dah. i will never forget when we ahd our night at his house. dye masak sedap giler.
i remember this song
"pertemuan perpisahan
hanya sementara,
hilang di mata
dekat di hati
tiada lupa"

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