Friday, January 23, 2009

new school life.

ok. so long x updated blog kn. eventhough i brought my laptop to college. ok. now in sequence.
went back to school on 4th January lebih kurang dlm kul 12 lebey... byr yuran, and all money thingy. got new room but same blok and yes again, SAME ROOMMATE again. yay =)
  1. intan
  2. me
  3. saadah
  4. zaimah

so, we had our damn bored orientation. and, now realizing that i'm in form 5 right now. FORM 5?! owh, i'm a big girl right now. due to my very drastically drop down result, now no more C class but welcome to EFFECTIVE. mule-mule, sedey la but maybe, there is something good behind it right. so at that week too, we found out from Cikgu Azmi himself that he will be going to BPS, HQ. auwww... so sad and we had our very tearful meeting with him. and after that all of us, sang bunkface song, situasi and now, the song is currently his fav song right now.

and the next day, after having our 'terkejut' roll-call, most of us, the girls without having shower yet, went to DS and say bye-bye to him, but we spent time with him, capture pic and borak-borak with him... sweet memories giler...


study time, new people. but redha je la. macm mak cakap sometimes things change for a better. maybe btol kot. but sadly yg x bestnye, pressure had come too early, minngu aktiviti gabung skali ngan minggu orientasi. whoa. shit. tension sungguh. cam gilak je dibuatnye. and new COS,


  1. am
  2. intan
  3. nadrah


  1. arif senri
  2. muzammil
  3. am again =)

i really feel that i am not a qualified COS leader for them, but it's my responsibilities, so asyiqin, take this as a challenge OK?! and at weekend, cikgu azmi came to our maktab, and kami lepak-lepak with him for quite a long time, best giler dapat borak-borak ngan dye. and the next day, he met my mom and we makan-makan together with hazrin too.


very madly deeply seriously depressed. urgh, rambut gugur. and as the sequences, my nose bleeding for 10 times along this week. uhh... my mom dah bising-bising to get enough rest. but howcome??? tell me the way please... and malam tdi nak stay up x jadi2 lagi, because my lovely penyek nose had excessive volume of blood, so my nose feel that it must give out the excessive blood from the body and never stop for half an hour and finally, i slept with critical migraine pain. and back to normal again.


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