Thursday, January 1, 2009

memories and new year resolution

  • met new friends from other classes for the first along my 3 years of lower form
  • being gathered with 51 others student in a class
  • stupid jerk prefect ( sebab aku tau aku nk blah)
  • sad at first becuse no offer from SBP
  • 30 january offered to mrsm
  • ponteng skola for many days in early years sebab excited nk masuk mrsm :p
  • 18 february. a new journey begins
  • met new friends again and culture
  • got good result for a while only
  • conflict and problem that matured me
  • joined the leadership thingy that i hate
  • being a bad sister for 42 days (ye, saya mmg jahat)
  • bad result for playful study



  • be a good girl for my family
  • don't be bangga diri ( as my mom said, sya mmg slalu "ditimpa perasaan")
  • don't create problem as i am a trouble maker
  • don't sleep too much at hostel as i love sleeping
  • be focus and dtermined
  • jgn tangguh homework coz' it's on of my biggest weakness
  • get 3.75 as bapak had "threatened" me to achieved it or else, he will visit me once a month only. no, i can't live with that
  • SPM 2009, get ready for it
  • obligation to ALLAH, i have to double it
  • be rajin2

hopefully that, this new year will bring me into new level of life and be a new me and left behind all dark and sad moment.

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