Thursday, May 23, 2013


Surprise? I don't really like that word. Don't ever make me a surprise. Though some may say that your life would be boring if you don't take a surprise. I would say life itself is a surprise because you never know what will happen next, so I don't need anymore surprise. Plus, I am good at smelling tricks and lies. :P Yah, I know I am that boring and serious. For me surprise will create hope, hope will lead to expectation, and I am a kind of person who really put high expectation on something. So, once the surprise is not that good, it will crush the hope thus destroy the expectation and give me unbearable pain. The pain that will last like no one knows when it will end. Let us be direct and straightforward, I would rather receive temporary emotional pain that I know will disappear like in a few minutes rather than having eternal cut. Don't ever afraid to tell the truth though we know most of the truth is hurt. You know, lying to someone and being fake to them is much more painful rather than telling the truth. And again, if you make a surprise to someone with your lies, oh my, I can't imagine how heartless and ruthless you are.

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