Thursday, May 2, 2013

On General Election

Malaysia's 13th General Election is coming up this Sunday. Sadly, I can't vote even though I am "21" this year since my birthday falls in September. Sobsob. 

I am not giving my opinion much. But what I'm going to give you here is an excerpt from my Political Thought I assignment regarding Al-Mawardi's Theory of Government which I think some sort of related to what we are looking for the new government ( I hope it'll change!) Everybody should cooperate which other. Why don't we collaborate between these two parties, get the best of the best from both sides and gathered in one new systematic administration.  Isn't it much better rather than blaming, cursing, talking bad about each other. Though we do agree that everybody has different opinion, but why not we complement each other instead of having imbalanced power. I do not know, but this kind of thinking has been running in my mind since past few years. I do want to ask somebody but I am yet not found the right person cause I want a logic answer with some base not just ruthless argument. And yes, I do not find why religion should become one of the agenda to attract the voters. Isn't it a sensitive issue? We try to maintain the harmony of our multicultural community, don't let it go with the racism and religiosity issue. Let's respect each other and let it be the way it should be. And God teach us not to transgress each other right? 

A good state starts from a good leader. If the leader is wrongly chosen, the whole state will corrupt. Thus, this is the point where we can use the idea of al-Mawardi. Note that, he is amongst the first person to define the characteristics of the caliph or leader. As been mentioned in the earlier part of the essay, the criteria need to be fulfilled in order to have a good Imam that will maintain the peace of the State. The problem that we have with our modern Muslim politics situation is that they see power more than as a responsibility that they should bear. Our leader should first understand the meaning of being a leader through the characteristics enlisted by al-Mawardi. On the other hand, the people also play the important roles in determining a good political organization. As Muslims, we should go hand in hand helping each other in developing Muslim politics rather than blaming one another which make the image of Islam being degraded by the West. Through his ideas, we can say that the Muslims should go back to the nature of being a Muslim – Allah and His divine revelation since he laid down his ideas based on the Creator. If the foundation starts off well with these two cores, nothing can beat the power of Muslim state.
May Allah ease everything for this upcoming election. Semoga kemenangan diberikan kepada pihak yang layak dan memperjuangkan kebenaran. For a better nation, vote wisely and choose your leader that will held the responsibility like he /she should be. I love Malaysia. :)

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