Sunday, August 26, 2012

raya, my random way

*** Pictures taken using instax. Mind the quality :))

Night before raya:

#1 - Pelita and bunga api. It's a must when it comes about raya. No bunga api, no raya, no fun! :)

 #2 - Night in Kampung Bendang Panjang, Kuala Kangsar. Meriah noks dengan lampu meghelip.

 #3 - We had a barbecue that night to celebrate bapak's 47th birthday. 
First day of raya:

#1 - A must have food during raya. Again, no raya without ketupat.

#2 - Since bapak's birthday was exactly on 1st raya, all family pictures were in front of the cake. Me is tak puas hati. Cake tu spoil gambar betul.

#3- The most handsome guys in the world

 #4 - Sleepy cat. 


#1 - KAA's gathering. Ya Allah, tak tahulah nak describe macam mana perasaan ni. They are the most warm and nice friend I have ever met! Eventhough we rarely met, no awkwardness being shown. Still the same just like when we're 15. Hopefully we'll still be like this forever <3 p="p">

#2 - Wajah kesayangan hamba, Amila and Wan. Coolest friends ever. Spill sampai banjir, anytime :)

Not too late to wish -

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