Sunday, July 1, 2012

#1 Being ME: sharing is caring :)

Alhamdulillah. I managed to go to Being ME - Muslimah Empowered conference that was held yesterday at MATRADE, Jalan Duta. Since I'd missed their Twins of Faith conference end of last year, this time it couldn't be missed. Though the conference is only one day, masya-ALLAH, the knowledge that I've got is countless, so much new things. And what make the conference so special is, it ONLY can be attended by SISTERS. How special is that. :) The conference yesterday had listed many famous speakers all over the globe. And of course, if you know names like Sr. Yasmin Mogahed, Sr. Myriam Francois-Cerrah, Sheikh Tawfique Chowdary and lots more, you'll be looking forward to listen to them. They are incredibly amazing! The conference was conducted in English and emceed by Sr. Wardina Safiyyah.

Now, let me share with you what I've gained yesterday. Since it was an abundance new knowledge and thought, I'll divide it into two parts. So this is the first part. The session that was being held until Dzuhr. Note that, I just jotted down the essence from what I could extract from their talks in form points. Some of important reminders that we might forget.


  • We will never reach liberation until we stop mimicking the man and value our own beauty. 
  • Your worth of value is measured through your righteousness and piousness.
  • Neither prince nor knight can save you like in fairy tales, only God can save you.
  • You are slave to nothing but only Allah.
  • You are here, in this world, to please God not other human being.
  • Falling in love with Allah is the most painful one, but you can learn something from it - the nature of Allah, then only you can learn to love others.
  • The type of protection you seek cannot be found in the material world but only in God.
  • Completion can only be found in God, even not when you meet your other half.
  • There are 2 types of love;
  1. MOST UNSTABLE: Love that you get from people around you- when both parties can get benefit from each other. When it lost, the love is gone.
  2. MOST RARE: Love that not competing with the love for God. It means that, you love God more than anything else, even your parents and other half, best friends etc.

  • If love you seek for all this while, seek love from Allah. You'll be getting endless love. :)
  • Everything that you want, give, desire is given by Allah, not your nafs.
  • Everything that you want, give, desire is for Allah, not for your nafs.
  • True liberation and empowerment lies on oneself when they can free them self from any other master  of self that can control it.

  • We have 3 elements of individual - badani, 'aql and ruh.
  • Ruh forms the most of yourself.
  • Our soul is thirsty for Islam, you want to drink the nectar and sweet of faith.
  • Our hearts may lagging behind our personality that we showed up. You may show different personality to other people. Or maybe the better side of you? But your heart is totally not prepared to work with your acted personality.
  • Ask Allah for help to recharge your iman. Action need to be taken too. Not just a prayer.
  • If your heart breaks not for Allah, it's a shame.
  • If your heart breaks for someone that is not even worried and care for Allah. IT'S YOUR FAULT!
  • Piety is in our heart.
  • If your heart breaks for Allah, it's a beauty. Allah leads you for a moment where it is the time for you to recognize Him.
  • Take lessons from your surroundings.
  • Never Allah would let someone remain unchallenged in their life.
  • Allah will NEVER give you difficulty without the tool for you to change it.

You know what, when I heard all of these reminders, all of them go straight like a bullet in my heart. Pergh.  It accurately shoots it to your heart. How my life all this while is only for human and not Allah. We sometimes do realize and know that everything we do is only for the sake of Allah, but we just tend to ignore it when it comes to our own interest. Right? These are only the first few session, when later I share about another sessions, you'll have a thought of what are we doing for all this while.

And whoever suddenly read this post and at the same time went to Being ME conference and feel to share your notes, you are most welcome. :) My notes may lack of something important during the talk. Feel free to share. :D

***P/S: I have put my favourite daily dose soul reading. Go browse it! You'll find something good insya-Allah!

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