Tuesday, January 3, 2012


So many January babies I had in my mind. Starting with today, 3rd, then followed by 15th, eh?, 17th, 19th and 31st. They are so lucky!

Oh yes, this beautiful lady has turned to 47 today. And what else can I say. No words can describe her. If I list what has made her a super mother, the lists won't stop. Some say that I am her twin although both of us deny it all the way long. But indeed, it's true. I am her carbon copy in attitude and heart. Tapi yang buruk-buruk dekat saya tu not her of course, come from myself. :) We're such a different creature in everything. I am the most stubborn and hard-hearted child but yet I am the most pampered and childish daughter that she ever had. Ask her. Oh, and where does my cynicism and sarcasm come from? I learn a lot from her. Ehehe.


May ALLAH always bless you with good health and eternal happiness. 
I always pray for you and wishing that all your dreams come true.
And I know the biggest dream that you ever wish to become true is to see me change for a real good like you always nagged at me. :D 
Insya-ALLAH, I will. :')

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