Sunday, January 15, 2012

cartoon strips

While studying for my linguistics paper last week, I found out few cartoon strips in my text book that had attracted me to capture and share with you guys. As we flipped through the cartoon section inside the newspaper, we just giggled and with the jokes and never thought how do they relate with English language system. So, here there are, I'll share some of the cartoon strips that can make you ponder about. ;)

Oh yes, lying on the bed while studying is much more effective for me :D

#1: Morphology - the suffixes

#2: Brain and Language - aphasia

#3: Again, Morphology - the prefixes

#4: And again, Morphology - the what I cannot remember.

#5: Semantics- the idioms

#6: Again, Semantics - the  I cannot recall back. 
*nampak sangat tak belajo, baca cartoon je reti

#7: Pragmatics

#8: Phonology - dissimilation rules

#9: Language Processing - computational semantics

Funny much? I have a lot more cartoons in the text book.
Can you see the relation? ;P

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