Monday, December 12, 2011

japanese cotton cheese cake

The picture is a little bit blurred. Captured through handphone. :)

Finally, I managed to bake this cake. Well, I am a cheese lover. That is enough to explain why my body is so comel for the past 19 year. ;)

So ANY food that has cheese in it, I'll entirely sure will try to cook or bake it. Unless the ingredients are too expensive or hard to find, I just go to any restaurant that sell the food.

Ok, japanese cotton cheese cake was first eaten when I first know what is cheese cake and how delicious it is. So far, the best cheese cake (this type) you can find is at Jaya Jusco's bakery. Seriously, it is so fluffy and cheesy and delicious until I can finished the 5" cake by my own. I am a monster though when it comes to food and very picky too if I have to eat outside except for fast food. :D 


m.u.f.i.d.a.h said...

reallly need to get all the recipes from u before blek cuti nie.


i just googled it la yang. no secret recipe or the ancestors punya recipe ke apa. cari dekat myresepi je. eheheh