Thursday, December 15, 2011

the day; we eat sufi poetry gig

Finally, this gig has ended. It haunted me like a week. Walking like a zombie everyday. Oh, the panda eyes were my best friend last week. We practiced every night until 12 a.m. And being me, who need perfect hours of sleep, it worth while. I don't sleep in the class eventhough my eyes can barely open and I look like a hippo whom keeps unstoppable yawning . We practiced the choir over and over again.

Let me tell you the story behind the pictures:

Oh, we had our gig at the mini auditorium which id for me, the stage is so not cool. It's so near to the audience. And I don't like reciting or talking to anonymous so dekat. It gives me stage fright eventhough I am not fear of talking in public. I love the stage at KKB - much more bigger.
Ahha. I do complain a lot!

Still in the choir practice :)

When we didn't have any place to go for our practice, we did it at the EDU square. The most perfect place if you want to scream. :)
And this is my group mates - the girls. We called ourselves The Endogenous Poets which means The Original Poets, which again, I am not born with the skill to compose the words into something nice to be listened to. But, I am good at sarcasm and romantics line too! Try me! ;P

The up stand for the welcome remark.

The background.

The iron ladies for the night: Aish, Azureen and Fatin :) 

The time where the butterflies started dancing in my stomach. Oh yes, no matter how confident I am talking to people, I am still struggling with the stage fright disorder - topophobia. :D

They were the dancers who performing the sufi dance as the opening.

She is the best. My lecturer, Ms. Sheena. She is so jolly and bubbly and fun too. 
You can find her in the YouTube if you want to watch her reciting the poem - as in the correct way of recitation. Not like mine. -.-'

This kakak was super awesome. We have like the open floor session where you can read your poem. And her poem, vavava, Shakespeare pun menangis kalau dengar. And they had like a flash mob but in the poetry version. I called it a poem mob where her friends suddenly stood up and continued reading the poem.

Here is the dance. 

Oh, this is during our group performance. We have another two guys in our group. Malik and Syidi and Malik is a Bosnian! Teruja kejap. Ehehe

Lastly, our choir performance. Pheww. 

My lovely and crazy mazy classmates :)

And with ms Sheena. She's good at doing faces though :)

Alhamdulillah, the gig has ended smoothly. Oh, I have my video reciting the poem. But with the 'super duper terribly fast' internet connection, I save my lovely voice for the upcoming, upcoming, next week blog post when I'm home. I am not going back to home this week :'(. Still finding ways to cope with the unfinished assignments before the revision week started.

Again, we have another poetry gig tomorrow night which is WE EAT GOTHIC POETRY GIG! It's gothic y'all. Whoever feels so dark and mysterious, come join us. Same place, same time!

PICTURES COURTESY: Nur Asyrani Ryssa and Fatin Nur Hafizah.

P/S: I, somehow, can read your feelings and mind, hypnotically.


purple_Forte said...

cikin memang nmpk mcm mak cikin haa :)


like seriously?! many people say so. tang mana la tu. badan dah out dah. ahahahah

purple_Forte said...

entahla, maybe ur style la mcm mak cikin...mcm perempuan professional/elite.. btw ur gig mcm syiok ja..


awww. kau sorang je la yang selalu cakap aku ni nampak mcm elit and golongan professional. one fine day, insya-ALLAH. :)