Saturday, June 25, 2011

time table

so, basically, i've started to plan my schedule for my degree studies. yeah, no more schedule-feeding like i used to have at nilai. when you have the chance to arrange your schedule, it is actually giving you more freedom to suit your comfortability and needs. aha. but then, i am quite annoyed since the subjects that i want to take are clashing with arab. arghh. such a busy body la you arab. huehue. it takes almost everyday for me to go to class for only this subject. but then no class on friday. yeay me. :) btw UIA's academic system is different, as far as i know. if you want to finish fast, you have to complete certain contact hours to finish up you level. level in UIA = year. and dia tak ikut, if you finish first year means the next new sem, you're in second year. so, if you're a very advanced genius, hardworking students - yes it comes in a complete package and i hope i can be one of them. achieving the glory and victory back -  you can complete your degree in just 2 1/2 years. and i am running for that. :D insya-ALLAH.

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halawatul iman said...

salam..heyya,,dpt pn tgk jadual bru kau :) nmpkny kite ta jmp daa~haha..all the best in ur future endeavors pal[dr geng same ku dlu :p]