Thursday, March 17, 2011

face the fact and live with it!


oh, before that, to all CFS-ian, CONGRATULATIONS! for those who are graduating, see you in gombak guys :D

all pay off. eventhough tak dapat dean list pun, i still thank to ALLAH. as for me, dean list ke tak dean list, at the moment, it is not a big deal. what important is that, the IMPROVEMENT. yes, that's the word. and nothing can make me more happy than knowing that i am improved. being compared to last semester, blurgh. dan, ini penawar duka hati lara untuk kejadian semester lepas. and i know, i can stand on my own back, having my own glorious moment again. all i know, this is a start. the beginning for me to set up, fix back and change to a new person.

p/s: eh, ada ke mak cakap, aku ni asyik stuck dengan A- je since SPM dulu. ahha. takpe, dekat gombak, i'll stick with A ok :)

always know that there is a RAINBOW after the rain. :)

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