Sunday, January 9, 2011


ouh, i had a weird dream last night. i was in a wedding, my own wedding. but then i looked so miserable on that day. i acted like i'm not the bride on that day. still planning on what to do.the most freak part was i am still writing on my wedding journal on what to do, to buy. suddenly my mom came and told me to get ready and dress up beautifully. i was like terpinga-pinga.and i started to be panic and crying since my wedding dress was not there and the flowers that they were using are not fresh. to make it more weird, the groom is 'him'. i was like, heh? why. i never thinking of him lately since i kinda busy recently but suddenly, he came. is it a sign or is it just a normal dream - a devil's play? it is not that i am thinking too much. it is just WEIRD.

any tok nujum? tell me what is behind of everything.

p/s; my grammar sucks this time. ignore. i just wake up.

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bum said...

dunno what to weird..