Saturday, January 8, 2011

things to think

oh, i think i have a lot of things to be written about.

  1. law
entahla, i just don't know. suddenly i'm thinking of taking law as my double degree. at first, i want to take economics as other option. no, i will not leave BEN. i love english so much. and when i posted at facebook, people suddenly like encouraging me of taking that. eventhough, ateng said that i'm on my half way to the hell. i just dont know why. what ateng had said, is my mother's first reason of not allowing me taking law. memang dari kecil, i want to be a lawyer. haih. susah jugak kan kalau minat dua benda yang sama at the same time.

2. subtitling
alhamdulillah, yesterday's afternoon, i went to TV Al-Hijrah with madam adibah, sofiah, asyraf and alif and we managed to get one tv program to do subtitling. ouh, i had waited for this opportunity for so long time. it is not about the money, it is all about experience. and i got cartoon program. comel gila cartoon tu. i have to translate from english to malay. we'll see macam mana kan. hopefully, it is going well. insya-ALLAH.

3. benss's annual grand dinner
i just came back from the AGD at the allson klana hotel. it was fun. i was enjoying myself. yelah, time jadi bwp, tak merasa la kau nak duduk diam and enjoy food. a big applause to sofiah, mufidah and the commitee, all the tears pay off, isn't it. 

lets take a look :)
 noche de amor
the door gift

 i am wearing this :D
my classmates from last semester

the dessert

the main course



oh, ada lagu leaving on a jet plane. comel je

kenyang2 pun habis jugak :P

the spontaneous prose drama

oh, the one who with the mic is asyraf, my other subtitling friend

round table

am i look like a makcik? kan.

we are the trio cheerios. :)
mufidah, sofiah and me

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