Thursday, December 23, 2010

sister's legacy :)

alhamdulillah. the excellence legacy continues among the sisters. heee :D my dearest sister got straight A's for PMR - 9A. all of her hard works paid off. now, waiting for the boarding school result. either SBP or MRSM. to be honest, i want to see her to become a doctor, i don't know why, but my instinct say it loud for that. for me, she has a lot of potential of being a doctor rather than me. she said that if she get boarding school, she wants it to be far from selayang. tak nak jadi manja katanya macam her sister la. like my mother said, i was the most spoil-brat girl when lived in hostel. ahhaah. it's true then. she is far more independent than me. . since, we don't have any family member who is in SBP, teringin jugak kan.for MRSM, from my experience, it gives you many opportunities that others' schools dont provide, but then you must know how to grab it. mintak-mintak la kan, kalau dapat MRSM, she have the chance to go to Russia, pursuing medicine. continue her mother's and sister's dream. insya-ALLAH.

anyway, CONGRATULATIONS again for those who get straight A's and good result. :)

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