Tuesday, December 28, 2010

3 idiots

ok, i know, cerita dah lama dah. but then i only have the chance to watch it last night. tu pun macam suku cerita tu baru tengok. i thought this film is very boring. but then, don't judge the story by its title. it sounds really 'bad' for me at first. i was wrong. banyak benda boleh belajar from this film. about friendship, success.
the value of friendship is very strong among of these three friends. memang menangis lah kalau tengok. how rancho - amir khan, tried very hard to at least, made his friends get what they want, taught them to not follow what the culture wants, instead follow your heart and dream. he is very genius. the way he thinks. they are like three stooges. i remember one of the lines that he said, "don't go over success, be excellent and the success will catch you".
it is one of the must watch movie. and baru perasan, lately ni, filem-filem amir khan memang banyak moral values and tech us how not to think over the norm. and satu lagi movie amir khan, yang dia ajar budak autism tu.

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