Tuesday, November 23, 2010


i was recalling back my memory when i read amal's post today.


we still have the class as usual during the day. my parents came that evening to give me their strength so that i won't stress out.
at night, after isya' since we were the one who left in the school - regardless the PROTECT students - we hd the yasin recitation together. after all the doá, we seek for apologize among of us, including the teachers. all the angry, hatred had been forgiven for a while. when we stepped into the class for our final preparation, cikgu azdi had treated us with a cake. a cake for a class. aww, cikgu azdi had always made us happy when he knew that all of us were in a very tense condition. i still remember, how cikgu rafidah mad at us because we were too much enjoying ourselves with the cake and not revising BM for tomorrow.

at the hostel, most of us planned to sleep early to rejuvenate our body. *kononnya lah kan ;). i called my mak to pray for me and asked her to wake me up as early as she could so that i can pray.


i woke up that morning with mixed feelings. hoping that everything would be okay. i did everything as my mak told me. as early as 6.50 i climbed up the stairs, heading to the class, and enjoyed the morning midst where most of my friends still at the block.
around 7.10, i went to the AL-GHAZALI hall, to calm myself, to adapt with the situation before being gathered in front of the hall.the teachers will give us the final words before we entered into the exam.
and, this was the time, i was just rely myself on the efforts and the prayer. tawakkal ála ALLAH.


i couldn't wait for the chemistry paper to finish. there you go, the last day of being in uniform, the last day of being a BWP, the last day of meeting with the teachers in a formal way. the last day of going back 'together' as a student. the last day for everything that i will remember as my sweet memory ever.
like amal, i miss MRSM KKB  a lot, the place where i grow up.

thank you my KKB mates and teachers, batch 08/09, for the sweet memory that we had together, for growing up together.

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