Thursday, September 16, 2010

my sayang mak and bapak ;)

ok, tadi ada buat satu mini gathering for hari raya.

pastu, mak pun lepak la dgn amila and wan. my two dear bestfriends.
then tgh dah terkekek gelak teased me because i'm the only one yang tak laku lagi for this mean time, keluar la plak statement ni.

mak: haaa, kalau nak cari bf, cari yg putih.
*kitorg gelak*
wan: yg gelap?
mak: reject. *gelak* cari, fair, tall and handsome. yg dark, tall, and handsome reject ok.

everybody burst out into a big laugh.
yeah, that's my mak. she understood what i was going through all this one and half month. she never questioned me for everything that happenned. though, she supported me silently and couragingly. yeah, i do cry when she tried to talk about this. but, she can feel that my heart is crying heavily with a great dissappointment. so she won't talk about 'him'. and she always know that i don't want the name being heard again. so she don't do it. yeah, how matter i hate her nagging at me, she'll be the one whom i looked for when i am in pain. she's the only cure.

insya-ALLAH, masin mulut dia, dapat la apa yg dia cakap tu. haaaa, my bapak nak menantu dia doktor okeyh, tambahan kepada ciri2 yg di atas. see, how sporting my parents are. i love them so much.


bum said...

wow..i'm bout to suprise to read this..
oh yea.i'm..
easy buddy,life is circling..

apeng :) said...

u'r a superwoman.
eh. supergirl.

remember? :)


yeah amal. masin mulut korg cakap aku super girl. mmg super pun. eheheh

barak, don't surprise. ups and down buddy :)