Tuesday, June 29, 2010

saya supergirl!

my life seems pretty busy right now. not pretty, but very super duper busy. yah, but i'm not as serabut like the woman in the pic. kerja menimbun banyak. pening2. i have to rush every single day. going to the meeting after the class end. evaluate here and there. kepala pun dh tak betul, jalan pun dah ala2 orang nak pengsan. jentik pun boleh tumbang. now, i have to get ready to sleep late back since i am not that kind of person.

bila baring pun, mata dah berpinar2, ada orang nampak bintang tapi aku nampak colour like macam colour yg ade dkat gambar atas ni. haih.-_-

gambate. since i choose this way of life, so i have to face it right. i know i can do it. yeah :)

yah, i know my grammar is bad. malas nak betulkan. fenin-fenin

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