Friday, June 25, 2010

along the week

yah, i'm home every single weekend. quite often right. since i have the chance to go back, baik balik la kan. nnati dah kerja, busy with our own life, susah plak kan. but i planned to live with my family. ahhahah. i know. anak manja kan. but hey, i'm always a mummy's girl ok. alhamdulillah, my study are all ok. soon, my mid sem examination will be just around the corner. but then, i'm still not studying at all. as ususal, last minute preparation is the best preparation ever. heee :)

along this week, there was one thing that made me realized that when people can get crazy over love, they are true. yes it's fact. and i once had gone through it. but not me, my friend. pity her. a very scary psycho person. don't know how to stop, don't know how to rest, eat, and evrything. nauzubillah. hope we can pray the best for her to go through this thing.

yeah, one more crazy thing that i'd done this week was becoming the student representative council in this  UIA matriculation.oh, they called it Foundation Student Coordination Council (FSCC). i know, i'd promised that i'm not gonna involved in this kind of organization gain. but for certain reason, i have to. not for myself. ok, last tuesday kot, i got a message from amal told me to go to LSTAD (Leadership and Student Training Activities Department) when i got my free time for an interview. the silly me asked her that my name had been shortlisted for the interview ke. btw, i was not applying for that position. i was nominated. the same case during the election of BWP. ehehhehe. then, after i finished my class, went there, without any preparation and just told them what they'd asked. seriously, i didn't hope to much to get into this position. and then, the next day, i got called from the LSTAD staff asked me to come for a meeting at that night. alhamdulillah, i was accepted to join the council as assistant treasurer. again. ehhehe. yup, i will go through all my bwp's life again. all the midninght meeting. the craziness, the super duper undescribable tiredness. the rush. haih. hope i can face it well as i do in maktab. the situation will be more tougher and challenging. but, your life will not be a meaningful one if u have an easy relax one right.

oh, i got my matric card, buruk kottttttttttt. cam ape je muka. it's all because the taaruf week tudung. i hate it. ahahha. but, i'll cover it up with beautiful matric holder.

p/s: dkat nilai, tak pernah jumpa sambal sotong and sambal udang. akan ku melantak habis0habisan weekend nih. lantak la resdung.

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