Thursday, April 8, 2010

right here, right now

right here, right now, 
i'm lying on my bed, thinking about tomorrow
tomorrow is the day
the day for interview
takut la. huhu
dh macam2 dah perasaan ni. speechless. undescribable
help me! help me!

ok, this my hero of the day

oh, tiba2 rasa nak blaja main piano. 
dh tnye bapak, dye senyap je
kalau tanye mak, sure2 la dye agree. 
ok, wishlist terbaru, NAK BELAJAR MAIN PIANO. 
ni wishlist serious bukan hangat2 tahi ayam punya wishlist
insya-ALLAH, i'll learn how to play piano 
and make my mother's dream come true to see at least one of her children know how to play piano 
because her previous ambition was he want to be a music conductor like Ramli M.S a
nd she also have a talent to play a violin.
so, mak! 
wait and see


fathiyyah said...

all the best! chaiyok chaiyok


thanks akak.
seriously, tips akak mmg sgt2 membantu. thanks sgt2 :)