Sunday, December 21, 2008

school life?? i mean my maktab

dunno why, i'm just want to express my feeling, about the three things below, the 3 things that made me currently deeply depressed about.

  1. homework,homework and homework again!!! never finish with one this "cursed" word since i entered boarding school life. everytime, when we get our pulang bermalam, there must be other thing following you to go back home. none other than HOMEWORK again. sometimes, i feel very depressed about this word but in another way, it will force me to study. sometimes finishing it is just like you're in hell. only God knows how suffering i am finishing all those tonnes of homework. finishing it so that you won't get to be punished the next day. sometimes, when the LAZY attraction comes to me, i'll go for it. too tired of doing my beloved homework. but now, i have to do it, since SPM 2009 is coming nearer and nearer and i don't do any preparation to take it.

  2. exam. when exam get nearer, e.g. ujian selaras, everybody looks that they're running out of time. everybody will never let their book go away from their hand especially when ot comes to sejarah and biology. seriously i said, i will become super-duper depressed with that kind of situation. all the genius one will be focus and concentrate on their reading. when we finished our prep class in the evening or saturday morning, the rajin one will stay longer so that they can revise. as for me, the bed attraction is more kuat than the book magnetic force. so sleeping la weyh for me. i'm the eleventh hour person. and i don;t like to study when i feel that the times is not right to study. so if i want to study, i study, if i want to sleep, i'll sleep for a long hour (sampai org lain tnye, ko x puas tido lagi) and i said NO. and if i want to eat, i'll eat until i senak perut. but next year gonna be different, i'll have to change my attitude so that my pointer will go up and up once again, and that is my best present for my parents

  3. and last thing for me for my maktab life is BWP or badan wakil pelajar. i don't know, until now, i'm still feel unpleasant for this job. i cried a lot for this title actually. first time, i cry a lot for a specific thing like this. since the beginning, i stepped into mrsm, i promised to my parents and myself that i won't involve for this leadership kinda things. i want to stay focus. i had become a prefect for almost 8 years. so, i just want to try be a normal student. i want to enjoy the normal student life. korang, best x jadi budak biase. when the 07/08 bwp's open for the next bwp's candidates, i never take the form. but, we just planned right, the teacher , included my name with 3 other girls. i want to tarik diri, but i can't as they say that is the rules. so, i just did the manifesto like main-main. but, still i had been chosen to become the bwp, so i just accept it with open heart. i try to adapt myself with it until now, i'm trying it very hard. but with my parent help and the teacher also my friends, i know, i can do it. but for next year, i have to stay more and more focus on my study to achieve my dream.

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