Monday, December 22, 2008


urmh.... myspace. i want to write about this thing for a long time ago, but after i read anis blog, baru terbukak hati nak tulis. dunno, i think most of the teenagers nowadays own myspace. i mean they have their own bling-bling profile or whatsoever, their pictures. ok., this is my opinion, sume org ade myspace right?? tpi yg mcm aku x berkenan sangat nih about the things below:
  1. DISPLAY NAME. cube letak la nama yg senang sket org nak bce. aku taulah korg pakar tulisan sanskrit zaman dolu2 and so kreatif. but x payah la nk letak nama pelik2 dengan simbol yg org susah nak bace. pastu letak la pulak adjektif2 yg dipelajari di dalam kelas smsa kt skolah.

  2. COMMENT. when korg dh add someone, and nk antar cmment. try not to send comment like " hye, bley berkenalan", "tgh wat ape tuh" and seangkatan dengannya. if i am te person who received the comment, i won't reply because for me the question has the answer right?!. if u ask the 1st question, mestilah bley berkenalan, sebab you/i add me/you. and for the 2nd one, mestilah on9. and kalu antar comment, for me, my opinion, please use simple languange, i know that you want to use english, but use simple english ok. aku bukan bajet aku bagus sgt english nih, i admit it, my english is not good as others. kadang2 bkn english je, bm pown same gak. yela, aku pown pernah wat camtue gak, but berpada2 okeyh...

  3. PICTURE. aku tau korg sume lawa and handsome. but, x yah la merayu2, please comment my pix and whatsoever,nampak pathetic giler. depends on the person la dye nk komen ke x nak. klu korg display picture just nk bangga diri and saying that korg hot ke whatsoever, riak weyh. aku x la alim sangat. but i'm sick of that kind of person. aku x kesah korg nk komen gambar aku ke x nak. it's up to you.

  4. COUPLE. aku x kesah kalau korg da couple ke x, but jgan show off sgt okey.berpada2. ni " my honey" , "ma inspiration", "dun leave me, i can't live without you". aku tau tu hak korg. but if aku la, aku rase menyampah. aku okeyh je bab couple2 nih, but jgn la rasa korg sorg je yg dh ade pakwe and you want to tell to the world.

ok. finish. don't get offended with my words ok. it just my opinion. and i'll say whatever it is.

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