Sunday, December 28, 2014



It's been a year since my last post. I don't even know if anyone still read this blog. For surely I am because I need to open my blog everyday to get my daily dose reading. I have so many things to write since blog is the only medium that I can share my personal feeling without being "interrogated" by other people. No, I'm not gonna delete this blog. It's part of my memory. Will write back very soon. But the time does not allow me to do so this year. And plus, so many things happened throughout the year. Good and bad, sweet and sour, Alhamdulillah. They have taught me a lot. Insya-Allah, in few weeks time, I'm going to start another phase in my life. I'll be graduating soon from UIA after struggling for 3 1/2 years. Currently sitting for final examinations. Pray for me so that everything will be going smoothly and end with His blessing. 

Approaching 2015, I hope everything that I have already planned will come to reality given if it's the best decision for me. Gonna share some big news soon. :) No New Year resolution, same old me. Living the life as it is with constant struggle to be a better of servant of Allah, a solehah daughter for my parents, a not-so-garang sister to my siblings and an awesome person to others. I pray to Allah so that He will shower and open His door of rizq endlessly to my family and all of you. Biidznillah.

Augusta, Perth. January 2013
Right now, I miss travelling the most.

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weh ni tangkap gmbar kat mana x perasan pun..