Monday, October 1, 2012

deep thought


I give you a situation:

Katakanlah ada orang masuk meminang awak, tapi seriously you don’t even know that guy at all. Suddenly he send his family to meet your family and ask in hand for marriage. The guy is so perfect to be a husband. Of course, you will not give an answer straight away kan. At the same time you’re not in the relationship but deep inside your heart you’re waiting for ‘that’ someone in the past. And ‘that someone’ always make you confuse and leaves you in a tarik tali situation. What will you do? Will you accept a stranger? Or will you wait for him? Or will you confront him?

p/s: Telling the truth is the easiest way to solve the problem eventhough it might hurt your pride or feelings.  Have a courage! Don't be afraid to be frank. And also good consequences will follow after since doubt has been killed by the truth. Insya-Allah, bless is everywhere once everything is clear. This applies to any situation :)

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Mufidah said...

ade org masuk merisik ko ke??