Thursday, February 9, 2012

spirit revival

It's been so long since I updated my blog - minus yesterday's short post. I'm in long silence basically because I don't have anything to write plus along last week, I'd been catching up with the Running Man series. It's been the first time that I watched Korean variety show without stopping half-way like I used to do with the drama series. Before this, I am not Korea avid fan who follow every single drama or the K-Pop group that has been a phenomenon among Malaysians. But when my friends kept mentioning about the phrase "Running Man", I searched on YouTube and had been watching it to see why does this Running Man become so popular among my friends whom at the first place not a Korean lover just like me. It comes out that I myself then become so addicted to this variety show that I sleep at 3 o'clock in the morning everyday to watch the series from its 1st episode until the 80th episode. And I call myself crazy after that because I never do something like that. Staying up late just to finish up the whole series. But seriously, this variety show has such a quality. Worth awake.

Ok, done about Running man.

I am now in Semester 2. This semester, I've been taking 19.5 credit hours.

2 core courses - Phonetics and Phonology & Introduction to Drama, 
2 human sciences subject - Introduction to Psychology & Introduction to Mass Communication
2 elective courses - Science of Quran & Science of Hadith
2 language courses - Bahasa Melayu Lanjutan & Tilawah Al-Quran II
1 co-curricular subject - Halaqah.

It seems to be packed but believe me I need those packed schedules to avoid laziness and procrastination virus attacking me again. Since my class mostly being held in the evening which I don't like it but to love it with no other choices, so no more hours of evening sleep like last semester. But, I have to find my time to go swimming. Huhu. Why la UIA tak buka swimming pool awal pagi. Haih. 

I am going to nail this semester from head to toe! Insya-ALLAH. :)

Semester 2 schedule. 

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