Tuesday, January 31, 2012

rambling over

I've just now received my Semester 1 examination result. Frankly speaking, I am totally frustrated with it. Arghh. It's always happened to me. Result atas angin/atas pagar. Bengang la jugak. During my MRSM's day, I nearly graduated with the first-class honours, but my CGPA had ruined it - 3.48. Another 0.02. This time is also the same, the difference is just the number but it's nearer of getting the DL. I am seriously don't mind if the number is far reachable to DL but this time I am too much frustrated. 

Dear lingusitics carry mark, why you suddenly change the mark's proportion and took my other low mark. Even one mark does make a difference. :'(

And for the next semester I take 19.5 credit hour over the total of 21. Too much risk right? So, fuhhh. 

Go away frustration. Allah knows the best for me. I need to work harder and most importantly SLEEP LESS.

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missM said...

sabar ye!usaha lg next sem okay!