Tuesday, December 6, 2011

wake up and smile!

Awww. This is so sweet, Mufidah. I was sleeping when she put the scarf on my desk. It is a silk scarf! My current love for tudung apart from bawal scarves. And she left me with a beautiful note that made me so touched. :')

She said that when she saw the scarf, she remembered me. :)
This thing is one of the thing that made my day yesterday.
I shall buy her something in return. ;)

Oh, these are my cute friends;
From left; Mufidah, Syamil Sofiah and Me. And Aisyah too.
They are my clique during my CFS time. The best of the best. 

****Random babble: I just can't accept people who simply forget their friends after they have made a relationship which you yourself have no guarantee if you can make it through for years as you have done it with your friends. No gender bias. It's all the same. PANTANG BESAR!

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m.u.f.i.d.a.h said...

haha..thanks God that you like it..btw, I don't hope for any return la cyg..but hopefully our friendship will last forever and as Muslim,I do hope that we'll stay in our hijab forever no matter comes hell or high water or!