Friday, October 7, 2011


This post is a mumble-jumble mixed up post. The content is unorganised. ;)
I  just love hydrangea ;)

First of all, people always ask me, when I told them that I’d gone to pre marriage course and I want to get married early, and they will have the 'why' face reaction. And I have to explain everything. Truthfully, I thought at first that this course will be different from any other marriage courses since I’d once heard that the content of the module is not likely discussed about the sex issue rather than any normal course. But i was wrong. Nevertheless, I gained a lot of knowledge about the new things in a marriage life apart from that issue. Secondly, why should i waste time of waiting for the next 4-5 years to go to marriage courses if the chance is in front of your head. It is not the matter of you go to the marriage course, it means that you want to get married. Totally no for me. It just, I go. And you don't have to wait for your boyfriend to propose you then only you go kan. Knowledge is everywhere. :) Plus, the certificate is long-life valid.

As for early marriage, my cute friend, mufidah has posted it on her blog about this topic - here. And as for me, there is no wrong of getting married early. Ok i know, people nowadays won't prefer this type of thing. I plan to get married when i am 23 or 24. Insya-ALLAH. Why so early meh? Aha. Why you delay good things. Yes i know, people will ask about money all sort of materialistic things. And i believe in this thing, we work together, we earn together in a halal way, Insya-ALLAH, and everything will be blessed. Of course we will be given tests and challenges to see how strong we are to handle all the circumstances coming. This is actually the point where we can take this test as our key point to check on ourselves and the partner. Have you heard 'pergantungan kepada allah'? That should be in our heart. 

a girl will always be a girl no matter how strong she is.
As for me, I’d once fell in love. Everything about love that involves stranger that you rarely known like you know your own family. And it’s true love is sweet. Everybody couldn’t deny that fact. I am a kind of person who hardly falls in love with guy except for my own family and best friends. I am even failed on mingling with guys except the one that I have known. People may look at me as a person who does not have any problem in approaching guys or who so ever. But the fact is, I am just shy and I don't want to. Yeah, I also have the shy-shy-cat side. :D. So when I fall, I fall really deep that when my heart breaks suddenly, I take time to glue back all the shattering pieces of my heart. This is the point where you realise that the most powerful love is love from the one and your family. So Allah has given me the chance once again to taste the sweetness of the love not from other ajnabi but from Him and usrati. And I tell myself, next time when I want to fall in love again; I want to love him deeply after our marriage even if my future husband is somebody that i have known for so long. Love needs secrecy sometimes. Of course I have to fall in love him before we marrying each other. I am not that kind of person that just accepts somebody. No, I cannot do that. I still have to go date and all. What I mean is that I believe in a simple love - as long as the man is not yours by the akad, you don't have to show it like he's the one for you. Don't sulk easily on petty things. Don't fight over small matter. Love doesn't need fight. I don't believe if you are in a relationship with someone, you have to sulk and fight semua ni. It's ridiculous and a waste of time. Katanya masam manis perhubungan. Sorry, but i think there is another way to feel the sweet sour thingy. ;)

And another thing kan, as a woman, we should think of ourselves too. I know men want to get married late. Tapi kan cuba fikir, kalau kita kahwin lambat, nanti nak beranak pun lambat, kalau kita kahwin umur 27 camtu, nanti umur 36 tak kan nak beranak lagi kan. Ehehhe. Our body need a rest too. :D

I hope i can answer my friends’ entire question about this issue.

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m.u.f.i.d.a.h said...

yeah..its so true..btw,gotta find someone that can ring the bell of my heart..wakakaka..typical university student,always about love and marriage!!


AHAHHA. bukan untuk university student je, it's a normal feeling for any human. :)