Saturday, April 2, 2011



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to be exact, this week, a lot of things had happened. 
sad news, good news.
heart-throb moment, lovely moment.

it is just a matter of fact that everything that happened in our everyday life has made us to be a more humble person, a good slave of Him and a grateful human being. i hope you will feel the same :)

good or bad, it is life.
live with it and be grateful. :)

there are things we do not want to happen,
but have to experience.

things that we do not want to know,
have to learn.

people who we cannot live without,
but have to let go.

prayer is not to lighten your burden,
but to strengthen you back.

have faith in God.

faith does not move the mountain,
but gives the power for you to climb it.

p/s: ELLISAL, no matter what, i'll be right there by your side. :) ♥

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