Friday, February 4, 2011

to love or not to love

my first post in february. oh. my january ended fabulously. :D. i hope the same thing will happen in february too. *hoping that the exam question will be as easy as ABC :)

i am attracted to this quote that i read from nadya's tumblr that sound:

To fall in love is a disease and its cure is to marry with the person one is in love with.
[Ibn Al Qayyim]

and yet i agree with that statement. to fall in love is very serious disease. it is like a drug, once you try it, you want it more. i am once in that situation and it is something that you cannot avoid it. means the addiction. at this level - love, you sometimes become like a crazy person. smiling at the ceiling, laughing to the wall, angry to the phone. when i remember back all those things that i 'd done, i just laugh. aha, i don't even expect that i will fall in love and do that kind of action. siapa yang kenal saya knows how do i treat guys. until now, i am still wondering, what makes him like me? 

for me to be in a relationship, you need commitment and seriousness. i am a kind of person who hardly fell in love with someone and yet when i have the chance to do so, i will hold it tightly. ok, i'm not that thinking too much, but as for me, i want to get married early if i have found the right guy. but not dalam masa terdekat. entahlah, i think, buat apa couple lama-lama if the relationship is not well-guaranteed. ouh, looks like i am menggatal. but no, i am not. this is my plan. i told my mum, i want to get married as early as 23 - itupun kalau ada calon, means, after i have graduated, i work for 2-3 months then kalau boleh, i nak kahwin terus. in the mean time, i don't have any space for love to take its part in my mind and heart. it is not that i was frustrated or what. nanti tak terlayan. my life currently is very hectic and nanti kalau i couple, mesti tak terlayan punyalah. my focus now is just enjoying my teen's life. go travelling. do as much as i can before having a very serious commitment. 

for me, being in love and having break up is a good experience, bila lagi nak merasa kan? my mum is worried if i still cannot leave the memory behind, and i said to her, let the memory being a part of us, as those memories will lead you to an unexpected and unpredictable chapter in life. as i know, everyday is a miracle that ALLAH has given to you to appreciate it. 

and one more, for those who have found their partner, appreciate them. kalau couple, couple ikut landasan islam. jangan sampai sayang dan cinta kita tu melebihi sayang dan kasih kita kepada ALLAH, dan keluarga. ajaklah pasangan kita ke arah kebaikan. lead them to be a better Muslim. saling reminding each other. rindu tu kalau boleh jangan sampai melebihi rindu kepada ALLAH.

Aku menyintaimu kerana agama yang ada padamu, jika kau hilangkan agama yang ada dalam dirimu, hilangalah cintaku padamu.
 -Imam Nawawi-

maka kalau boleh, carilah pasangan yang selalu membuatkan kita dekat dengan ALLAH. and if we have breaks up, janganlah kita too much of despair and wailing as if dah takde orang dah selain dia. ingat, ALLAH dan keluarga kita sentiasa ada untuk buatkan kita rasa deeply falling in love again. pujuk hati untuk lupakan dia. mungkin ada yang lebih baik. bacalah al-Quran sebagai penenang hati yang paling mujarab. 

haa, another thing, after sembahyang, always pray to ALLAH that you will get a good husband and children. my mum said that, everything will be in a good accordance if you always think and want it that way.  mintak yang elok-elok lah ye. janganlah mintak yang bukan-bukan. all in all, i always pray for you guys to meet someone that suits you best in terms of everything :)

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