Sunday, February 6, 2011

of mission and vision

this is a part of my creative and critical thinking (CCT) assignment that we have to do. we were asked to write an essay about our plan in the next 5 years. so, this is what i want. insya-ALLAH.

*this is edited version :)

Somewhere over the rainbow
Skies are blue,
And the dreams that you dare to dream
Really do come true.

                The song entitled ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ by Judy Garland is one of my favourite song. Yet, a very much inspiring lyrics that make you realize that everything is possible in this world. It is not wrong to have hope and dream like everyone else. It is because with hope and dream, miracle will happen.

                Looking back on my previous achievement during my school time had made me realized something.  Having an upside down experience – no matter whether it is a success or a failure – taught me to on how importance to have vision and planning your future because these two things will guide you in your life. Yet, some may say not everything that we planned will work out, but to have some hope in our planning is much more worth rather than just accepting whatever comes to you. Though, there must be some circumstances or fear that you do not want to encounter with. Still, life is life. We have to face it and how we overcome it is the main thing. Now, I will tell my planning between these 5 years ahead and some fear that I have in my life.

            After entering Centre for Foundation Studies (CFS), which I never put this university in my future university list when I was in high school. I realized I have to change 360° on my future. What I have to expect in the field of language. What is the prospectus? I was first planned to be a diplomatic officer as for me it is very interesting to work as the country ambassador and working at another country and taking care of Malaysian people welfare. But then after two semesters here, I changed my mind. I think the job as a lecturer suits me more. Apart from being a lecturer, I hope I can open an Islamic Montessori as I think that the Montessori education system has a very good future in Malaysia. Insya-Allah, this is my last semester here in CFS.  After all, I have put my mission and vision for the next five years of what I am going to do.

            Since I was small, I always want to be a very successful person. It does sound normal. For me, this kind of vision has helped me a lot in growing up my inner potential. And how does my vision make me different from everyone else eventhough I think I am sharing the same as they do. I have divided my vision for the next five years into three parts – success in academic, self satisfaction and family. And I planned my mission based on these three parts to achieve the success.

            Before I proceed to expound my mission on the three parts, I will first have to arrange what I am going to do for the next seven months because sometimes there is golden opportunity comes between this time and may change my future. I will continue my part time job as a sub titlist. Aside of getting experience, this job will give you some money. The money that I get, a part of saving it, I will use it to enter violin class with my mother to make my mother’s dream become true. Other than that, while doing the subtitling, I may work at the kindergarten to get the experience on dealing with the children as one day, who knows, I will open my own Islamic Montessori. Furthermore, to get more knowledge on it, I will enroll myself to a Montessori course.

            After the long holiday, I will continue back my first part of the success – in academic. In Gombak, I am interested in Linguistic, which means; if I have given the chance, linguistic will be my first choice. Like any other student, of course I want an excellent result. Excellent result that can guarantee me in the future, both the personality and academic. Other than that, I am planning to take political science as my minor subject for my degree because I love to explore how a country develop their political system as they actually the basic of a country. After all, if Allah gives me strength, at the same time, I want to further for my second degree in management. As I know, if you only have the theory, but you do not know how to manage, it will be ruined down your potential of becoming great. Insya-Allah, four years from now, I will be graduated excellently with two degrees in my hand, one with Linguistic with minor in Political Science, while the other one, degree in management. A year after that, I would like to see myself pursuing my master in Communication. Why communication? Nowadays, I find people hard to communicate effectively and they still reluctant to express their ideas especially the Malays and I want to change the situation.

            Success for me is not just about academic. Self-satisfaction is another key for me to have the sweetness of success. As for me, there is no point of getting a good result, being top student and yet you missed so much opportunity that you should enjoy during your student’s life. Along my time doing the degree, I will still continue my part time job as a sub titlist. I have planned of going travelling as much as I can. I am targeting that, every year I should travel at least one country. The feel of travelling while you are still not having the commitment – with the job or family, is different. Other than that, I want to participate in Non-Government Organization (NGO) activities and I want to register myself in this one organization that helped kids with autism and cerebral palsy because I know by helping others is actually my other satisfaction. I am pleased to see the kids happy. This is the way I considered my success because success is not about getting 4 flat but also enjoying your life and helping others.

           Last but not least, I will consider my vision is completed when I have done my obligation towards my family. As the eldest child in the family, it is my duty to make sure that my family members comply what they need. I want to make sure; all of my siblings get what I had gotten earlier. It makes me feel sad if I cannot fulfill their needs. In this next  five years time, I want to bring all my family members to perform umrah together, get the best education for my brothers and sister, and I want to see my parents go travelling again as they used to be back then.

            All in all, I hope that my vision and mission can be accomplished. I always pray that everything that I dream will come true. Yet the fear is a test that is actually one way for us to become more passion in completing the dream.

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