Monday, November 1, 2010

the journey

the journey has begun. alhamdulillah. so far so good.
i'm taking seven subject this semester. insya-ALLAH. i will do my best to achieve my goal this time.

these are all my subjects this semester

ELM 2253 - Understanding Literature & Analytical Thinking : Poetry
ELM 2263 - Introduction to English Languange
FIM 1113 - Understanding Islam
GHM 2113 - Basic Method Research & Writing Report
GRM 2173 - Introduction to Islamic Revealed Knowledge
GSM 2213 - Introduction to Creative and Critical Thinking
ISM 2112 - Computer 1

it seems a lot. but i still do have time to sleep perfectly :).

oh, btw, yesterday i went to UK education fair. i had a very clear picture about studying there. for my course, it took approximately 3 years for me to finish up my degree. i had surveyed some of the university, but i think i fall in love with cardiff. but then, i have to look up on my financial condition first. i am planning to go to MARA with my mum to get some info.

wish me luck people. :)

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