Sunday, November 28, 2010

bunch of happiness

these are the things that made me happy. but the pictures tell most of the happiness

last night, i went to IB to watch natrah. overall, it's great. ramai gila orang malam tadi, tak sanggup nak beratur ambik signature all the pelakon. pengsan nak menunggu, nak amik gambar pun bersesak, oh fortunately, we got a good seat. i mean second row from the stage. so, the pictures were more clear.

aha. today, all of us, the siblings, went to KLCC. hadziq and me watched rapunzel 3D. seronok tengok dia happy. first time pergi sini kan. budak-budak mestilah excited. raihan and ee watched harry potter. we headed home naik lrt and teksi. lawak tgok hadziq, first experience, tak duduk diam. sibuk sana sini tengok orang


i bought 3 novels at kinokuniya. bosan gila dekat nilai tu kalau dah puas tidur. nasib baik ada discounts so, buying the novels don't cost me too much of money. it's more than enough to kill my boredom.

 new sport shoes. bought by my parents. baru kias2 je kat mak. sekali dia balik, bagi kasut ni daaa. haaaaa, baru semangat nak exercise. *kalau dah tak suka exercise tu, macam-macam la alasannye ye.

and wan just give me my birthday present that i think is unique. never seen before. thank you dear i love you

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purple_Forte said...

bestnya hangout ngn siblings..
dah lama gilak x buat cmtu..
lucky u to have the chance to watch theater...n 'm glad to know my friend cikin3x ni back to normal-i mean happy..heee