Wednesday, October 6, 2010

go crazy 1.0

when it started, i can go crazy!


PLACE: Istana Budaya
DATE: 041010
TIME: night
EVENT: Tun Dr. Mahathir The Musical
COMMENTS: overall, it was superb. honestly, i don't really admire dr. m. for me, he was like any other PM. but after watching this theater. my perception changed. hanging out with my bestie, made me go crazy more, nasib baik teater tu malam, kalau siang, mmg dah everywhere dah kitorg jalan.
 amila latif and me, the incomplete set without wan nur ameera :)

 the actors
 erra ni mmg cantik
 zizan nin sumpah gorgeous.


PLACE: The Curve and Restoran Rebung
DATE: 051010
TIME: day
EVENT: shopping dropping
REVIEW: this is the main catalyst for me going crazy like hell. ahahahha. i went with my maksu and my cousin. before that pergi makan dkat rebung, ye, sesi membalas dendam kali ini, sbb hari tu dorg pergi tinggalkan aku dkat nilai, dah la satu family pegi. jealous. this time, aku plak bagi dorg jealous. mmg melantak habis-habisan. diet tak diet. jnji sedap, gua telan. last choice untuk kurus, pakailah minyak mustajab pati halia, EXTRA HOT. so that, i'll always be hot. mwahahahaha :D
ouh, planned tak shoppingg pun. saja nak relax. just window shopping. but thennnnnnn, tgok metrojaya sale up to 70%, mmg tak la kan niat tak nak shopping tu. end up, beli handbag for mak as her present for getting APC (anugerah perkhidmatan cemerlang). as for me, beli esprit punye bag and new t-shirt. mmg pokai la weh. tak pe. this is the best therapy for me, kalau rasa tension ke, nak mrah org ke, haaaa, ajak la i shopping, i won't let you down.  ;)
  food monster aku nih. dah kembali mengganas
 ikan bakar dye. *drool
 lepas penat jalan2, haruslah tea time kan.

 run syiqin run. at bubba's gump. berbaloi makan kat sini.
 ouh, i love to watch forest gump film. favourite quote:
My momma always said, "Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." 

 lesbos, let's hang out here babeyh :)

p/s: don't worry, i don't hold grunge anymore. i've forgiven you and i love you

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