Saturday, October 2, 2010

being a GIRL

i've just finished watching America Next Top Model Cycle 10. i know it's lame. but this cycle is my ever favourite throughout all the cycles. why do i like this cycle?

because of her

yes, whitney thompson.
being a plus size model is hard in fashion industry. 
but not for her. 
why am i admiring her?
because of her confidence. yes, be proud for what you have. ignore whoever said about your body. not every skinny girl has a beautiful shape. and not every plump girl has no waist. and sometimes, they look more beautiful.
and like levi's said when launching the new curvy fit jeans;

it's not about the size, it's about the shape

yeah, not everybody is borned with beautiful body and pretty face. and i am one of them. but, the most important thing, i feel comfortable with myself. sometimes, behind what God has given to you, there's lie a beautiful secret behind it. you may not see it, but others' do. 
yeah, i love my curve. takpe, i'm praising myself. dah takde org lain nak puji kan. tapi still, i have to lose my weight a lil' bit more along this 3 weeks holiday.

yes, being a girl mmg banyak benda nak fikir. but i love it :)

siapa yg suka kutuk org lain punya badan and rasa dia sorg je cantik, jgn perasan la ye. kau ada?

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Anonymous said...

syiqin cute 8-)